The Digest – February 2nd 2020

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Today the Shops are Closed 


Costa Prize /Warsaw – Macron Reset/ Tri-City – Expropriated Property/ Krakow – KGB Krakow/ Wroclaw – Tram Odds/ Rzeszow – CoronaVirus/ International – European Voices on Brexit/Sport – World Athletics/ Polish Cooking in America/ Adam Mickiewicz and more …


Pilecki Biography Wins Costa Book of the Year – TheGuardian


Warsaw –  Macron Reset – Reuters

TriCity –  Expropriated Property – TriCityNews

Krakow – Did the KGB save Krakow? – BeyondRussia

Wroclaw –  Betting on Tram Derailments – WroclawUncut

RzeszowUni Students under Observation for CoronaVirus – NotesfromPoland


Prominent Europeans (Agnieszka Holland for Poland) define their feelings on Brexit – TheGuardian

Sport –  World Athletics Change disrupts Polish Plans – TheNews

Odds & Ends

Talking Polish Food with an American Accent – FirstNews


Adam Mickiewicz – The Krakcast

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    2nd February 2020

    I enjoyed reading this immensely especially the views from around Europe of our exit from the EU, I would if possible like to leave my own comments/reply to all our European friends and to those who made their comments.

    I am a simple Englishman living at home in England, I voted to leave the EU despite the fact that I am personally better off within the EU, I voted to leave for the sake of my children, my grandchildren, the future of my Nation and most of all because I remember them, the hundreds of thousands who gave their lives preventing the UK and Europe being ruled by an unelected Foreign Power.

    Like most British people I love our European neighbours, we do not love the EU organisation, I visited 13 Countries/Cities in Europe in 2018, we have travelled extensively in Europe for the last 5 years, we hope to continue with our visits to Europe, this month I will travel to Athens to meet up with my European friends, then together we will travel to Paris to spend 5 days holidaying there, my travel companions will be Aurelija from Lithuania, Dimitra from Greece and Ensuida from Albania, they are just some of my many European friends, in the past I have travelled to Portugal with Nadine from Germany and to Cyprus with Hettel from Estonia.

    We do NOT want to close our borders to Europeans, we want to welcome them as always, we hope to recruit many more workers from all over the EU to come to the UK and help our Country prosper as they do now, but, we do want to Control our borders, we want to welcome migrant workers but say no thank you to migrant benefit seekers, those that come here with no intention of working but for free housing, free weekly payments, we want to pay child benefit to those families who have children living in the UK but not for children who are still living back home in their native Countries as we do now.

    I have myself been employed as a Migrant Worker in Switzerland for many years, I worked, I had no entitlement to free accommodation or to payments from the Swiss authorities, I had health insurance to pay my medical bills, I did not expect the Swiss tax payers to pay for me and indeed I paid my Swiss taxes.

    We love the workers who come here and pay their taxes work here they contribute so much to the future of our Country and we thank them for that, in my small street here in England 6 of the houses adjacent to my own are occupied by Polish migrants, they all work and work hard, they pay tax here and pay their own rent, why would I be against that ?

    I campaign for better conditions for them, to outlaw the rule of minimum wage which I believe is a way for British Employers to exploit migrant workers.

    No EU Citizen currently residing in the UK will be forced to leave here, not even those who have never worked here, ALL can apply for the right to remain here and that is a good thing.

    In the UK we do not ask to see your passport when you book into a hotel or ask you to leave your passport at the reception desk, we do not ask you where you are from when you visit a Doctor or Hospital despite the fact that you are obviously or possibly not a British Citizen, we do not refuse anyone FREE medical treatment. Although in Lithuania my Lithuanian life partner has been refused medical treatment without prepayment until I produced her EHIC card issued by the British Government, in Romania I was refused medical treatment without payment and told they do not accept the EHIC card. Open borders ? yet France has regularly blocked the Ports to the UK, Spain has regularly closed our border between them and Gibraltar which was also part of the EU.

    If I choose to live in an EU Nation abroad will you happily pay for my children at home in England, EU law says you must, would you be happy with that situation ? we want a FAIR DEAL with the EU but would be prepared to walk away with NO DEAL because an unfair deal as we had when we were members of the EU is quite simply not fair.

    It is our hope that we can reach a fair deal with the EU or a mutually beneficial deal with any EU Nation that wants to trade with us, imposing higher Tariffs on goods coming from the EU is not our wish and would only be brought about if the EU imposes higher Tariffs on the goods we export to the EU, remember we import far more from the EU than we import so this would hurt far more than it would hurt the UK.

    We never joined the EU, we joined the Common Market, sold and proposed to us as a way of making trade between our Nations much easier, we were never told at the time that joining the Common Market would give them the power to make our rules and laws.

    We do not want to be forced to join an EU army, we are one of the few Nations that pays it’s full dues to NATO and we totally support that Organisation which for so many years we backed up with our British Army of the Rhine along with the US Army of the Rhine to protect Europe from invasion by any none European Nation. We have and always co-operate with Interpol, sharing intelligence to make all our Nations from criminal actions.

    Eire does not want a Hard Border with Northern Ireland, the UK does not want a hard border with Eire, but the EU are trying to force us to build one,

    Those that voted to Leave the EU were told lies and fed anti EU propaganda, there is no doubt of that, BUT those who wanted to Remain were also told lies and fed propaganda, both sides are guilty of that, EU Nations have been fed the same lies, many believe we don’t want Migrant Workers to come here, that is not true, we love our European Neighbours but we do want to Control our borders, make it easy for workers and tourists to come here, you are very welcome by the majority of British People now and always.

    We won’t miss you as some are saying they will miss the British, we won’t miss you because we will not be apart from you, we will continue to work and play together building all our futures, but build it because we want to and we want to enrich our relationship with you, just not under EU rules for that relationship.

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