The Digest – 9th February 2020

Your Polish News Roundup

Today the Shops are Closed 

100 Roads/ Warsaw – Japan on Ice/ Tri-City – Gdynia Galore/ Krakow – No Snow/ Wroclaw – Pussy Riot/ Katowice – Mine Tremor Death/ Lodz – I (Heart) India/ International – Returning Poles/ Sport – Soaring Ski Jumperski’s/ Krakow Krypto Krushes Google/ Corona Pandemics and more …


100 New Ring-roads to be built by 2030 – PolandIn


Warsaw –  Warsaw in Japan – Notes from Poland

TriCity –  Gdynia Celebrates – TriCityNews

Krakow – Bez Snow Big Drought – KrakowPost

Wroclaw –  Pussy Riot Performance – WroclawUncut

KatowiceMine Tremor, 1 dead, 4 injured – TVN (Video)

Lodz – I (heart) India – India Inc

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Poles Returning to Poland – BBC

Sport –  Womens Ski-jumping Soars – TheNews

Odds & Ends

Krakow Krypto Krushes Google – FirstNews


Not Polish particular this week but informative nonetheless if concerned about the Corona/ Flu Virus – Flu Pandemics – Then & Now – History Hit

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