The Digest 29th March 2020

The Latest National Update/ Warsaw – Electing to Legislate/ Tri-City – Local Latest/ Krakow – City Budget to take zl.300mio hit/ Wroclaw – Local Latest/ International – Letter from Italy/Business & Economy – Credit Rating Stable/ Sport – Para-Athletics Suspended/ Minecraft Craftiness and more…

The Digest 22nd March 2020

Epidemic State/ Warsaw – Pizza Ambulances/ Tri-City – Trio Story/ Krakow – Car to Cumbria/ Wroclaw – The Latest/ Poznan – Pandemic Prototype/ International – Need a Bigger Shield?/ Economy – 88% at Home/ Sport – 1 mio Gift/ Helicopter Halo/ PM on CNN/ Kids in the City/ Unemployed Expats and more…

The Digest 15th March 2020

A Head Spinning Week
– Today, unfortunately, is CoronaVirus coverage, in a slightly different format than normal. We shall resume our regular Digest format, a roundup of the best Polish News stories in English, next Sunday.