Polish Government closes nearly everything

In addition to yesterdays announcement of the closure of borders and related protocols, the Government have also issued instructions for the closure of most retail outlets.

What’s Closed

All restaurants, Cinemas, sporting events, clubs, concerts and exhibitions are to be closed from today, Saturday 14th March, for a period of 10 days. This is not a finite ruling and the closures may be extended.

All trade in clothes, shoes, books, electronics and furniture in shopping malls are suspended and IKEA has announced its decision to close for the period. Shopping malls are defined as those that exceed 2,000 sqm of floor space.

Restaurants will only be allowed to open if they are preparing food for delivery only and will not be allowed to serve anything on site. Additionally, Gyms, Swimming Pools and Spas will also be prohibited from operating.

What’s Open

Pharmacies and Food retailers, regardless of their location in malls or otherwise, will continue to open for normal hours and Bank branches remain unaffected by the legislation.

Smaller local type stores will also remain open at normal times.

The Government has reiterated that there is no reason to panic buy as food distribution will not be hampered in anyway. It is worth noting that despite the Italian shutdown, they had little disruption to food access.

The end of these prohibitions is not defined and may be extended at the discretion of the Minister.

Source – Money.pl, and other articles.

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