Covid-19 ; Not all activities carry the same risk of infection.

As Poland readies to open up further tomorrow, we thought it timely to mention a recent interview for Business Insider with a U.S. epidemiologist about the perceived risk levels of different activities.

For those with an particular interest we recommend you read the full article here.

For those who just want the gist, read on.

Firstly, wearing a mask and staying 2 metres away from others makes a real and significant difference to your chances of getting the virus.

High Risk

Large Family/ Friends Gathering


Religious Events

Medium to High Risk


Restaurants (indoors)

Medium Risk

Hair & Nail Salons

Dating /Small group meetings

Low to Medium Risk


Outdoor Restaurants

General Outdoor Activities

Low Risk

Retail Shopping

Handling Mail or Shopping items

Hope it helps and stay safe,

Team Digest

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  • oldzi
    18th May 2020

    Good idea to divide activities by the risk of infection! Worth reading

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