The Digest 7th June 2020

2 Million Strong/ Troop Movements/ Warsaw – BLM at U.S.Emb./ Krakow – Revolut Re-invents Firing Process/ Wroclaw – Local Latest/ Lodz – More Rentals/ International – E.U Border Opening Plan/ Business & Economy – Rate Cut Criticised/ Scooter Kills 2nd Floor Apartment/ Un-Masking Poland/ Insanely Cool Old Town and more…

Coronavirus Updates – Because of the obvious interest, we have searched for the most concise, authoritative and up to date status report on the virus in Poland, in English. Whilst many excellent outlets offer regular updates, we believe this Wikipedia page to be the best resource on the latest virus information and its progression. We believe context is important and few other resources offer this. We would stress that it may not be error-free, so check other reputable outlets if you are particularly concerned.


Over 2 million official Foreigners in Poland – NotesfromPoland

PM wants Germany based Troops to cross border into Poland, but not like last time – Reuters


Warsaw – BLM Protest at U.S. Embassy – TVN (Video)

Krakow – Revolut launches new “F$&K Off” HR Policy –

Wroclaw – Final “Daily Update” from a superb resource – WroclawUncut

LodzMore Rental Apartments on way – EuroBuild


EU Timeline for reopening Borders – Schengenvisainfo

Economy & Business – Former C.Bank Gov. criticises recent rate cut – Bloomberg

Odds & Ends – Elec. Scooter destroys 2nd Floor Apartment – PolandIn

Podcast – Unmasking Poland – Krakcast

Article of the Week –  The insanely cool story of Warsaw Old Town – Daily Beast

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