The Digest 14th June 2020

Leading Presidential candidate in a modern EU state believes these two people are evil, and other stories.


Note – After publication it was kindly pointed out to us that EU citizens can only vote in local and EU elections in Poland. Accepting this, we have however left our editorial unchanged as we believe the point still holds. The use of minority baiting in elections is never a good idea and anything we can do to call it out is a worthwhile task. Apologies for the error.

We have never written an editorial and as foreigners in this great country we have always enjoyed and respected the variety of opinion, both culturally and political, of a modern EU State. This weeks declaration from Presidential Candidate Duda demands comment. We would preface this by saying that all EU citizens have the right to vote in Poland’s upcoming election.

If you disagree with the ludicrous notion of an LGBT agenda, register and vote against him. If you agree with him but understand that the next step is against those who are not Catholic, register and vote against him. If you agree with him but understand his next step is against those who are not white, register and vote against him. If you agree with him, but understand his next step is a regulated suppression of your personal expression both online and offline, register and vote against Duda.

Our motivation comes not from our our own sexual preference, religion, ethnicity or personal beliefs. Your Editor is a heterosexual, white European brought up in the Catholic faith. Our motivation, apart from the obvious to be kind to others, is the perception of Poland abroad. Poland is a wonderful country that has led the way in personal freedom and integrity since it’s foundation. If you wish this to continue, register and vote against Duda. “LGBT ideology is worse than communism” he says…. we say, “Fxxk off you bigoted, 1950’s style hypocrite”. How to register.

Please share this with those, Pole or foreigner, who may appreciate our argument before the election of 28th June 2020.

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