The Digest 12th July 2020

Whirlwind Injures 6/ The 3rd Republic/ Warsaw – “Hateful” TV/ Krakow – Castles in the Air/ Wroclaw – Green Votes/Poznan – Educating the Kids/ Katowice – Lion on Loose/International – Divided Poland/ Business & Economy – Radical Coal, Honest Poles, Return to the Centre, Covid-19 Infections vs. Deaths explained and more…

Coronavirus Updates – Because of the obvious interest, we have searched for the most concise, authoritative and up to date status report on the virus in Poland, in English. Whilst many excellent outlets offer regular updates, we believe this Wikipedia page to be the best resource on the latest virus information and its progression. We believe context is important and few other resources offer this. We would stress that it may not be error-free, so check other reputable outlets if you are particularly concerned.


Whirlwind Injures Six – TVN (Video)

Future of 3rd Republic Defines Presidential Runoff Race – Guardian


Warsaw – “Hateful Role” played by Public TV in Presidential Race – Reuters

Krakow –  Towers of Air – Firstnews

Wroclaw – Green Votes –

Poznan – Educating the Kids – Streetwise

Katowice Mountain Lion & Owner Sought – thenews

International – A Divided Poland – AP

Economy & Business –  Coal Industry needs a Radical Overhaul – Financial Times

Odds & Ends – Poles are the Most Honest in Europe (?) – WBJ

Podcast – Polish Return to the Centre – The Economist Podcast

Article of the Week  Internationally, Covid 19 Rise as Deaths Flatline – Why? – TheAtlantic

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