Global Reaction to President Duda’s Win – Digest Special

We have compiled some international news articles on the re-election of President Duda last Sunday. We understand we have not covered every country on the planet (to those numpties who like to point out such things). If your country has a piece you think would be of interest, send us the link or add it to our FB feed.

Please use google translate where required.

European Union

What does Duda’s victory mean for EU-Poland relations? – EuroNews

United States

Poland’s Rulers made up a Rainbow Plague – The Atlantic

Trump ally Andrezj Duda wins Poland’s presidential election – CNN

Poland’s Nationalist President Duda, a Trump Ally, Narrowly Wins Second Term – Wall Street Journal


Andrzej Duda victory hands populists free rein – The Guardian

Poland’s conservative President Andrzej Duda re-elected after waging campaign against LGBT movement – Daily Mail


One President, Two Poland’s – Le Monde


Duda’s reelection in Poland will deepen divisions – DW


Poland divided to the End – El Mundo


Duda Retains Office in Tight Race – China Daily


Incumbent Andrzej Duda on course for 2nd term with narrow victory in Poland’s runoff presidential vote – RT


Andrzej Duda, Poland’s conservative president, wins second term after tight race – Indian Express


Poland’s incumbent Duda wins presidential election: majority results – Tribune


Nationalist makeover extended as Polish President Andrzej Duda wins election – Japan Times


Conservative Polish President Duda wins 2nd term after tight race – Times of Isreal

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