The Digest 18th October 2020

Sunday Stores to Re-open? – Govt. Reconsiders Sunday Trading Ban/Arresting Arrest/ Covid-19 Updates/ Warsaw – Tram Driver Attacked/ Krakow – Virgin Investment/ Wroclaw – Top Startups/ Tri-City – Boom Bomb/ Poznan – Thousand Year Church/ International – EU Coronavirus Budget Block Threat/ Business & Economy – IMF Polish GDP Forecast/ Sport – Nations League Highlights/ Christopher Columbus – ski?, Kantor Crime, New Red/ Yellow Zone Regs’, Mental health & Covid-19 and more…

Coronavirus Updates – Because of the obvious interest, we have searched for the most concise, authoritative and up to date status report on the virus in Poland, in English. Whilst many excellent outlets offer regular updates, we believe this Epiforecasts page to be a good resource on the latest virus information and its progression. We believe context is important and few other resources offer this. We would stress that it may not be error-free, so check other reputable outlets if you are particularly concerned.


Sunday trading ban under consideration for reversal – Reuters

Detention of government critic prompts concerns – TheNewYorkTimes

Coronavirus – record infections, new regulations – TVN (Video)


Warsaw – Tram driver assaulted over mask policy – notesfrompoland

Krakow – Virgin daughter invests in air pollution startup – firstnews

Wroclaw –  Top 10 start-up innovators in Wroclaw – siliconcanals

Tri-City Largest WWII bomb in Poland exploded – NBC (Video)

PoznanThousand year old church discovered – WBJ

International – Poland threatens to block EU covid-19 recovery plan over cultural issues – warsawbusinessjournal

Economy & Business – Poland GDP to shrink by 3.6% ( IMF) – thenews

Sport – Poland v. Bosnia & Herzegovina 3-0 highlights – Skysports (Video)

Odds & Ends – Was Cristopher Columbus Polish? – KafkaDesk

Podcast – Kantor Crime – Krakcast

Feature Article – New Red/Yellow Zone regulations – thedigest

Feature Article (II)Mental health, exercise and Covid-19 – orhever

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