The Digest 1st November 2020

Healthcare system facing collapse – Polish Healthcare/ Why Protest/ Police Custody Report/ Warsaw – Anger on the March/ Krakow – Hotel for Homeless/ Tri-City/Poznan/Lodz/Wroclaw – A Protest Video Diary/ International – Poland’s “Rule of Law Institute”/ Business & Economy – IT Professionals in Demand/ Sport – Ex-Agent Questioned/ Polish Florist Deal, Rays of Hope, Death & Superstitions in Poland and more…

Coronavirus Updates – Because of the obvious interest, we have searched for the most concise, authoritative and up to date status report on the virus in Poland, in English. Whilst many excellent outlets offer regular updates, we believe this wikipedia page to be a good resource on the latest virus information and its progression. We believe context is important and few other resources offer this. We would stress that it may not be error-free, so check other reputable outlets if you are particularly concerned.


Polish Healthcare system faces collapse – DW

Why Poles are protesting – NewYorkTimes

Damning report on police custody procedures – EuropeanInterest


Warsaw – Protests swell – TVN (Video)

Krakow – Hotel offers homeless winter shelter – notesfrompoland

Poznan/Lodz/Wroclaw/Gdansk – Protests in Poland Video Diary – CNN (Video)

International – Poland & Hungary to create a “Rule of Law Institute– guardian

Economy & Business –  Growing demand for IT professionals – PolandIn

Sport – Lewandowski’s ex-agent detained by police – thenews

Odds & Ends –  Polish Florists to be compensated for cemetery closures – FirstNews

Podcast – A ray of hope – Krakcast

Feature Article –  Poland, death and superstitions –

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