The Digest 7th February 2021

Weather Alerts/ Holocaust Research in Peril/ Pandemic Population Decline/ Polish Books in English/ Warsaw – Protest Voices/ Krakow – Coronavirus Clean Air/ Rzeszow – Anti-LGBT Stance Has A Cost/ Tri-City – Nazi Secretary on Trial/ Lodz – Nazi City Plans/ International – Polish Diplomats Expelled/ Business & Economy – Biggest Gaming IPO Ever/ Sport – Aussie Open, Bambi Rescue, Allegro Vs. Amazon, Polish Gambling Industry and more…

Coronavirus Updates – Because of the obvious interest, we have searched for the most concise, authoritative and up to date status report on the virus in Poland, in English. Whilst many excellent outlets offer regular updates, we believe this wikipedia page to be a good resource on the latest virus information and its progression. We believe context is important and few other resources offer this. We would stress that it may not be error-free, so check other reputable outlets if you are particularly concerned.


Weather warnings issued – PolandIn

Future of Holocaust research hinges on libel case – APnews

Population decline continues – ABCNews

Polish books to be published in English in 2021 –


Warsaw – Voices from a protest – CNN (Video)

Krakow – Coronavirus-cleaning air filter developed by local firm – Firstnews

Rzeszow Grants cancelled due to anti-LGBT stance – NotesFromPoland

Tri-City – Concentration camp secretary charged in Germany – RTE

LodzNazi plans for Lodz – DW

International – Russia expels Polish diplomats – Euronews

Economy & Business – Warsaw’s biggest gaming IPO launches – Bloomberg

Sport – Increasing Polish interest in Australian Tennis Open – thenews

Odds & Ends – Deer herd trapped on frozen lake rescued – CGTN

Podcast – Allegro Vs. Amazon – Krakcast

Featured ArticleThe Polish Gambling industry is big, really big! – TimesofMalta

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