Details of New Restrictions Effective March 20th

Yesterday, March 17th, The Polish government announced further restrictions that come into effect across the entire territory of Poland from March 20th to April 9th.

Following on from the news that Poland has the highest excess 2020 deaths in the EU, and the second lowest testing numbers, Thursday’s (18/3/21) report of 27,278 daily infections cannot have been unexpected. Despite lower numbers in previous weeks, the health ministry has been regularly warning that infection levels would get worse.

The new restrictions include :

Closure of:


Sports facilities

Shopping Centres (Banks. Food & Pharmacy will remain open)

Museums & cultural centres

School classes 1 -3 to return to remote learning (Nursery & preschool to remain open)

Hairdressers and beauty salons remain open and restaurants continue to be limited to take-away only but the health ministry has made the point that should the new restrictions not reduce infections to more acceptable, and manageable levels, further restrictions may be implemented.

Further details can be found on this government site which includes various language options.

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