Covid-19 Further Restrictions Announced

The PM has today (25/3/21) announced further national restrictions in the wake of rising infection numbers. Wednesdays record of 29,000 cases was surpassed today with a report of over 34,000.

New Restrictions effective March 27th to April 9th

  • Kindergartens and nurseries are to close to all except to those children who’s parents work in the health or law enforcement sector.
  • Beauty salon’s, hairdressers and cosmetic stores to close.
  • Only professional athletes are allowed access to sports facilities.
  • Furniture and home improvement stores with an area of greater than 2,000 sqm will close.
  • The number of people per square meter allowed in stores and churches has also been amended.

The PM has also requested that, where possible, all work should be done remotely and interaction over the Easter break to be limited as much as possible.

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