The Digest 11th July 2021

New Flight Restrictions – 15,000 Daily Infection Risk/ New Restrictions For Inbound Flying Visitors To Poland/ “Independent” Media In Peril (again)/ Tusk Returns/ Warsaw – Eco Playground/ Krakow – Greenest City In Europe?/ Wroclaw – Mobile Vax Points/ Tri-City – Data Officer First/ Katowice – Neon Trail/ International – Tusk, Poland & The EU/ Migrant Quotas Rejected/ LGBT Frontline/ Business & Economy – Billions Expected Soon/ Sport – Hurkacz Humbles, HollyWood-Ski, PiS’s Source of Power, 7 Funniest Polish Expressions and more…

National – 15,000 daily Covid-19 case risk by Autumn – Reuters

New restrictions for inbound travellers to Poland – PolandIn

PiS vs. independent media, a new (and possibly final) front – balkaninsights

Former PM Tusk returns to Polish politics – politico


Warsaw – A world’s first Eco playground – warsawinsider

Krakow – City shortlisted for Euro Green Capital 2023 – thenews

Wroclaw – Mobile Vax points –

Tri-City First city to appoint Data Officer –

Katowice – Neon Trail opens – firstnews

International – Tusk, the EU and Poland – strategist

Poland to reject EU migrant quotas – praguemorning

Poland, the frontline of Europe’s LGBT culture war – neweuropean

Business & Economy – Billions due of EU funds in coming months – WBJ

Sport – Hurkazc humbles Federer – kafkadesk

Odds & Ends – Poland, a movie production paradise – Hollywoodreporter

Podcast – The Source of PiS’s success – notesfrompoland

Featured Article – 7 of Poland’s funniest expressions – polandunraveled

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