The Digest 29th August 2021

Did You See “That” Wisla Goal? – EU-Poland in Hybrid War?/ Booster Vaccines Planned/ Belarus Border/ Afghan Evacuation Ends/ Warsaw – Free Speech Or Racism?/ Krakow – Wisla Goal Goes Global/ Tri-City – Is Gdansk An Expat Paradise?/ Wroclaw – Historic Palace Lists/ Torun – Balloon Cup/ Mazuria – Plague Remains Unearthed/ International – How Will Biden Respond to Media Law?/ Business & Economy – WSE Increases Local Investor Levels/ Sport – Legia Qualifies For Europa League, Flower Scented Asphalt, WWII Poland Invasion and more…

NationalPoland accuses EU of hybrid war – democracydigest

Third vaccine booster shots planned – euronews

Belarus-Poland border standoff continues – DW

Polish Afghan evacuation ends with almost 1,000 flown out – notesfrompoland


Warsaw – Art expo – free speech or racist? – abcnews

Krakow – Wisla goal hailed around the world – ghanaweb

Tri-City – Is Gdansk a top destination for expats? – eurotravel

Wroclaw – Historic palace listed for zl. 38 mio. – firstnews

TorunBennett Balloon Cup Battle – aeroklub

Mazuria – 18th century plague victims unearthed – smithsonian

International – What will Biden do in response to Polish media suppression? – Politico

Business & Economy – Domestic retail WSE investors increase – WBJ

Sport –   Legia qualifies for Europa league – beautifulwarszawa

Odds & Ends – Flower scented asphalt created – reuters

Podcast – The Invasion of Poland in WWII – History Hit

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