The Digest 3rd October 2021

Explaining the Border Dispute – Fine Coal/ Kafka Judges/ Warsaw – Legia – A History/ Krakow – Happy To Chat/ Tri-City – Nazi On The Run/ Wroclaw – Citizens Budget/ Szczecin – Cannibal Convicted/ International – Concerns Grow Over Border Actions/ Business & Economy – Weak Zloty & Inflation Fears/ Sport – Himalayan Hero, A Classic Flash Mob, Sex, Lies & Videotape, Rising Netflix Costs, Polish Wine and more…

National – Belarus/Polish Border Dispute – A brief explanation – BBC (Video)

Expensive Coal Fines – DW

Kafka & a Dissident Judge – wyborcza


Warsaw – Legia Warsaw – A short history – lcfc

Krakow – The Happy to chat bench arrives –

Tri-City – Nazi secretary flees, for a while – polandin

Wroclaw – Voting on the Citizens Budget –

Szczecin – Cannibal convicted – TVN

International – Concerns grow over border state of emergency – Guardian

Business & Economy – Weaker zloty helps economy – bloomberg

Inflation may hit 7% by yearend – ing

Sport – Himalayan history maker – thenews

Odds & Ends – A classical flash mob – classicfm

Anti-Migrant Sex, Lies & Videotape – Politico

Podcast – The rising cost of Netflix – Krakcast

Feature ArticlePoland’s winemaker’s – Times

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