The Digest 17th October 2021

POLEXIT? – Will Poland Leave The EU?/ Mass Protests/ Belarus Border/Military Buildup Plans Warsaw – Lewandowski’s Restaurant/ Krakow – Best Remote Working City/ Lodz – AliExpress Plans New Centre/ Bydgoszcz – Art Vs. Smog/ International – Why EU Rule Of Law Matters/ EU Collapse/ Business & Economy – Energy Costs Hit Record Levels/ Employment Heights/ Sport – National Stadium Renamed, Chocolate Export Kings, Brexit to Polexit and more…

National – Will Poland leave the EU? Kaczynski says no – Bloomberg

Polexit fears spark mass protests – APnews

Belarus/Polish border dispute continues to trap migrants in the middle – DW

Govt. considers drastic military buildup – aninews


Warsaw – Lewandowski’s new restaurant – A review – tekdeeps

Krakow – City named best in Europe for remote working – firstnews

LodzAliExpress to open fulfillment centre – apexinsight

Bydgoszcz – Fighting smog with art –

International – Why EU rule of law matters – politico

EU will collapse if it doesn’t challenge Poland – Reuters

Business & Economy – Fuel prices reach record levels – polandin

Poland records EU’s 2nd largest employment rise in pandemic – notesfrompoland

Sport – Warsaw National Stadium renamed –

Odds & Ends – Poland 4th largest global chocolate exporter – newsfounded

Podcast – From Brexit to Polexit – NewEuropean

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