The Digest 31st October 2021

Happy Halloween – Foreign Resident Numbers Up Again/ LGBT Bill/ Big Wall With Belarus/ Warsaw – Far-Right March/ Google Cloud/ Krakow – Is Halloween Anti-God?/ Wroclaw – New Zoo Ape/ Poznan – Historical Lego/ TriCity – Red Bull World Final/ International – EU 1 Million Daily Fine/ “No Pay” Poland/ Belgium Amb. Summoned/ Business & Economy – Rates To Go To 2.5%?/ Inflation Surge/ Sport – Cash Qualifies, Spooky Spots, Why The Fine?, Child Custody in Poland, Christianity & Politics and more…

National – Foreign residency permits up 15% in 2021 to date – schengenvisainfo

Parliament debates ban to promotion of LGBT – abcnews.go

Senate approves zl. 1.6 billion border wall with Belarus – Euronews


Warsaw – Far-Right vows to march despite court ruling – APnews

Largest Google cloud centre in Europe to open in Warsaw – themayor

Krakow – School bans kids Halloween party amidst Christianity concerns – notesfrompoland

Wroclaw – Rare Ape born in Wroclaw zoo – polandin

Poznan – Historic moments told through Lego – firstnews

Tri-city – Red Bull world final comes to town – redbull

International – EU fines Poland Eur 1 million per day – Politico

Poland vows to not pay EU fines –

 Belgian Amb. summoned over PM’s comments – expatica

Business & Economy – Interest rates to hit 2.5%? –

Inflation surge drives market rate hike bets – Bloomberg

Sport – Matty Cash qualifies to join national soccer team –

Odds & Ends – Exploring Polands spookiest spots – Culture

Podcast – Why is the EU fining Poland Eur 1 million a day? – inthenews

Featured article – Irish Father “shattered” over Polish court custody hearing – IrishTimes

Politicised christianity in Poland – ndsmcObserver

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