The Digest 28th November 2021

Restrictions Don’t Work? – Infections Rise/ Restrictions Not Effective/ Soldiers Injured/ Spy Arrested/ Covid Cert Fraud/ Warsaw – Skyfall/ Krakow – Museum Protest/ Wroclaw – Prehistoric Pendant/ Kaliningrad – Russia’s EU Island/ Lodz – National Geo Favourite/ International – “An Unprecedented Challenge”/ Going Dutch On Abortion/ Business & Economy – Tax Cuts & Low Zloty/ Sport – Russian Test, Cocaine Kids, Literature links, Border Views, The “M” Word and more…

National – Record daily infections continue – TVP (Video)

“..Restrictions are not an effective means of limiting the growth of the pandemic,” Health Minister Adam Niedzielski – ABCnews

Soldiers injured at Belarus border – DW

Suspected spy for Russia arrested – RFE

Fake covid-9 certs practice to be investigated – TVN (Video)


Warsaw – Skyfall in Warsaw – WBJ

Krakow – New Schindler Museum sparks environmental protest – forward

Wroclaw 41,500 year old pendant unearthed – sci-news

Kaliningrad  – Russia’s island in the EU – Irishtimes

Lodz – A National Geographic favourite – firstnews

International – Poland’s “unprecedented challenge” to EU rights Pact –

Holland to finance abortion procedures for Poles – notesfrompoland

Business & Economy – Tax cuts announced in effort to tame inflation – reuters

Zloty slumps to historic lows– Bloomberg

Sport – Poland to face Russia in World Cup playoff – thenews

Odds & Ends – Kids toy pulled for singing about cocaine in Polish – CTV (YouTube)

Podcast – Estranging the Novel: Poland, Ireland, and Theories of World Literature – NewBooks

What do the locals think of the Belarus border dispute? – polskienews

Feature ArticleThe “M” Word – Racism in Poland – Kafkadesk

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