The Digest 5th December 2021

State Controlled Internet Planned – New Restrictions/Pregnancy Register/ Racist TV/ Warsaw – Museum Politics/ Right Wing Rendezvous/ Krakow – Congress Win/ TriCity – Bus Stop Demolitions/ International – War Reparations/ US Poland Alert/ Business & Economy – Inflation Fears/ Sport – Lewandowski Second, Smart Kid, Big Businesses, Apple Centre and more…

National – State controlled internet planned – wyborcza 

New restrictions announced – reuters

Pregnancy Register planned to monitor miscarriages (or abortions?) – guardian

Anti-Semitic lands his own Polish TV show – algemeiner


Warsaw – Museum director replaced by PiS preferred candidate – artnet

Europe’s farright political parties meet in Warsaw – DW

Krakow – City to host major industry congress – insidethegames

TriCity  – Infamous Bus stops face destruction – themayor

International – Poland renews push for war reparations – notesfrompoland

US advises citizens to avoid Poland travel – usatoday

Business & Economy – High inflation & Covid threatens recovery – WBJ

Sport – Lewandowski bags second place – polandin

Odds & Ends – Schoolboy wins Intel AI prize – nfp

Podcast – The largest Polish businesses – krakcast

Feature Article – Poland – The orchard of Europe – euronews

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