The Digest 23 January 2022

Ukraine Embassy Evacuation – Covid Infections Hit New Record, Cyber Threat Level, Snowstorms/ Warsaw – Lightening Strike/ Krakow – Eurogames Rejection/ Wroclaw – Tennis With The Mayor/ Tri-City – EU Capital Of Volunteering/ Katowice – Swimming In Silver/ Poznan – Breton Culture/ International – Ukraine Replacement Plan/ Embassy Evacuation/ EU Demands Payment/ Business & Economy – Construction Records/ Sport – Aussie Open, Robot Waiters, Movie Review, EU’s Underrated City and more…

National – New daily record of infections hit – reuters

Cyber security threat level raised – nationalnews

Snowstorms wreak havoc – euronews


Warsaw – Airliner hit by lightening – apnews

Krakow – Eurogames rejection plea, rejected – insidethegames

Wroclaw – The “Tennis with the Mayor” auction – themayor

TriCity  – EU Capital of Volunteering kicks off –

KatowiceSwimming in silver – euronews (Video)

Poznan – Breton culture thriving in Poznan – france24

International – UK Govt. reveals Ukraine government replacement plan – CNN

US embassy in Ukraine to evacuate staff – Guardian

Brussels to Warsaw – Pay Up! – Politico

Business & Economy – Housing completions reach record in 2021– notesfrompoland

Sport – Świątek cruises through Aus. Open – thenews

Odds & Ends – Singing waiter robots trialed in Poznan – firstnews

Podcast – The Movie review – krakcast

Feature Article – Europe’s most underrated City – GQ

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