The Digest 30th January 2022

Storm Malik – PM Blames Opposition, Hospitals Brace/ Warsaw – Snow Leopard Death/ Krakow – Auschwitz Commemoration/ Wroclaw – Fighting Hate Speech/ Tri-City – Museum Buy/ International – Far Right Get Together/ Belarus Border Wall/ Business & Economy – Consumption Boom/ Sport – Medal Hopeful Out, Historic Penpal, Pegasus Spyware, Volunteering For Auschwitz and more…

National – Storm Malik sweeps through Poland – BBC

Opposition parties partly to blame for Ukraine crises says PM – firstnews

Hospitals brace for Covid surge – DW


Warsaw – Zoo snow leopard dies from covid complications – TVN ( Video)

Krakow – Auschwitz commemoration – rte

Wroclaw – Against hate speech –

TriCity  – Bathyscaphe bought by Museum – tvp

International – European far-right leaders meet – euronews

Poland begins Belarus border wall – kafkadesk

Business & Economy – The consumption boom –

Sport – Polish Olympic medal hope tests positive for Covid-19 – thenews

Odds & Ends – The 51 year old penpal letter – theguardian

Podcast – Pegasus Spyware raises questions – notesfrompoland

Feature Article – The man who volunteered for Auschwitz –

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