The Digest 6th February 2022

The Polish Olympics – EU Justice Dispute Solution, Troops Arrive/ Warsaw – Driver Attacked/ Krakow – Children’s Hospital Dispute/ Wroclaw – Painting Return/ Tri-City – Record Cargo/ Katowice – Ryanair Incident Closes Airport/ International – Mine Deal/ Duda Vs. China/Russia Deal/ Business & Economy – Even More Rate Hikes/ Sport – Olympics, “The Seagull” Returns, Polish Words, Nobel Laureate’s and more…

National – President proposes new bill to end EU Justice dispute – AlJazeera

First US reinforcement troops arrive – RTE


Warsaw – Anti abortion driver attacked – notesfrompoland

Krakow – Children’s hospital’s staff walkout – TVN

Wroclaw – Looted painting returns to museum – firstnews

TriCity  – Port handles most cargo in it’s history – drybulk

KatowiceRyanair incident closes airport for five hours –

International – Deal signed on contested mine – DW

Duda looks to thwart Russia/China axis – politico

Business & Economy – NBP gears up for faster rate hikes –

Sport – Poland arrives at Winter Olympics – TVP

Odds & Ends – “The Seagull” flies again – sportsillustrated

Podcast – Polish words we need in English – Krakcast

Feature Article – Nobel prize winning Polish writers – Culture

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