The Digest 13th February 2022

What The West Gets Wrong About Ukraine & Russia – Cybersecurity Unit Launched/ U.S. Citizens Welcomed/ National Park Changes/ Warsaw – WWII Radio/ Krakow – Auschwitz Lessons For Today/ Wroclaw – 20 Things To Do/ Poznan – Quantum Hub Host/ International – 3,000 U.S. Troops/ China’s Poland Plan/ Business & Economy – Is Economic Miracle Ending?/ Hawkish Central Bank/ Sport – Legia NFT’s/ Fleeing Skier/, 9 Polish Novels, Bust Burger King, What The West Gets Wrong About Ukraine and more…

National – Cybersecurity military unit launched – APnews

Poland welcomes US citizens fleeing Ukraine – Forbes

Free National Park access to end – TVN (Video)


Warsaw – WWII secret radio uncovered – firstnews

Krakow – Auschwitz steers its visitors to today – guardian

Wroclaw – 20 best things to do in Wroclaw – moneyinc

Poznan – City welcomes first Quantum Hub in CEE – themayor

International – U.S. sends 3,000 additional troops to Poland – Reuters

China sees Poland as gateway to Europe – southchinamorningpost

Business & Economy – Is the Polish economic miracle at risk? – Kafkadesk

Hawkish rhetoric from Central Bank chief continues –

Sport – Legia to be NFT pioneers – Euronews

Belarusian skier flees to Poland – CNN

Odds & Ends – 9 Polish Novels to read before you die – notesfrompoland

Podcast – Burger King gives up (again) – Krakcast

Feature Article – How the West gets Ukraine wrong – Politico

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