The Digest 27th February 2022

How To Support Ukraine in Poland (City by City Guide) – A Special Edition

Below we list what we believe to be reputable agencies trying to support Ukrainians coming to Poland. Please be careful about how you donate and always check the bona fides of each recipient. Please use google translate where required.

If you wish to help your compatriots based in Ukraine we would suggest you contact your Embassy and let them know what you can offer.

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National – How to support Ukraine in Poland – PolishRedCross

Information for Ukraine citizens –

Polish border open to all Ukraine citizens, regardless of I.D. – Skynews (Video) ( Twitter)


Warsaw – How to support Ukraine in Warsaw –

Blood Donation Centre

Krakow – How to support Ukraine in Krakow – OpenKrakow

Blood Donation Centre

WroclawHow to support Ukraine in Wroclaw –

Blood Donation Centre

TriCity – How to support Ukraine in Gdansk – Facebook

Blood Donation Centre

LodzHow to support Ukraine in Lodz –

Blood Donation Centre

PoznanHow to support Ukraine in Poznan –

Blood Donation Centre

Katowice How to support Ukraine in Katowice –

RzeszowHow to support Ukraine in Rzeszow – RMF24

Torun – How to support Ukraine in Torun – tylkotorun

International – A few ways to help Ukraine – Timothy Snyder (Author – Bloodlands)

Business & Economy – Zloty and Stock Exchange reaction – Reuters

Sport – Poland refuses to play Russia in WC qualifier – espn

Odds & Ends – Russian TV banned from Poland –

Podcast – Ukraine & Russia – The Rest is History ( An historic explainer of the relationship)

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