The Digest 6th March 2022

Hero’s All – Covid Quarantine Rules Relaxed/ Fighters Return/ Warsaw – UK PM Confronted/ Krakow – Tech Scene Expansion/ Poznan – Animal Convoy/ Wroclaw – Dumplings Weaponised/ Katowice – Kazakhstani Konvoy/ Lodz – Emissions Target/ International – Kyiv Ambassador Going Nowhere/ Business & Economy – Zloty Weakness/ Sport – Paralympics Medal Target, Russian TV Banned, No-Fly Zone, The Poet Who Loved Ukraine and more…

National – Relaxation of travellers Covid quarantine rules – schengenvisa

Ukraine – 60k+ Ukrainian’s return east to fight – yahoo news


WarsawUK PM Johnson confronted by Ukrainian activist – skynews

KrakowTech scene just got bigger as UKR firms relocate staff – CNN

PoznanAnimal shelter convoy braves bombs to reach safety – firstnews

WroclawThe dumpling weapons silo – firstnews

KatowiceKatowice bound Kazakhstanis flee from war –

LodzAirport commits to net emissions by 2050 – routesonline

InternationalPoland’s Ambassador in Kyiv is going nowhere – buzzfeed

Business & EconomyZloty will not remain weak, says PM – reuters

SportPoles eye medals at the Paralympics – thenews

Odds & EndsRussian TV banned – broadbandnews

PodcastNo-Fly zones are needed now – visegrad insights

Feature ArticleThe Polish poet who loved Ukraine –

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