The Digest 13th March 2022

Reagan’s Soviet Jokes – Military Expansion Bill/ Coordinated Assistance Plan Sought/ 1.6 Million And Counting/ Saturation Point/ Warsaw – Building Destruction Halted/ Krakow – Jet2 Suspends Flights/ Poznan – What Is “Poznan’ed”?/ Wroclaw – Refugee Assault/ TriCity – Wind Port Changes/ International – Plane Diversions/ Mayor Shows Up Salvini/ Business & Economy – Anti-Inflation Shield Extended/ Sport – Poland Officially Beats Russia, Ronnie Reagan’s Soviet Jokes Revived, US Ambassador To Poland Speaks, Preparing For Defeat and more…

National – Expansion of military bill voted through – tvp

Proper government coordination of assistance demanded – TVN24 (Video)

Border Auth. counts 1.6 mio refugees to date – firstnews

Warsaw & Krakow warn of saturation point – kafkadesk

Ukraine – What do Russian elites think of their war? – faridaily


WarsawBuilding destructions halted to supply refugee accommodation space – beautifulwarszawa

KrakowJet2 suspends Krakow flights for 2 months amidst Ukraine war fears – nationalworld

PoznanWhy were Man United “Poznan’ed”? – sunusa

WroclawMan arrested for rape of refugee – dailymail

TriCityWindfarm installation port changed from Gdynia to Gdansk – offshore

InternationalWas diverting planes plan a diversion? – DWnews

Polish Mayor confronts Italy’s Salvini –

Business & EconomyAnti-inflation shield to be extended – thenews

SportPoland given a win against Russia by FIFA –

Odds & EndsRonnie Reagan’s Soviet jokes revived – youtube

PodcastUS Ambassador to Poland interviewed – Skullduggery

Feature ArticlePreparing for defeat – Francis Fukuyama

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