The Digest 20th March 2022

De-Russification – 2 Million Flee/ Radical NATO Increase Sought/Ukraine – EU Guarantee Savings Plan/ Warsaw – An Office Made In Poland/ Krakow – Largest Employers/ Poznan – Fighting Billboards/ Lodz – Most Underrated City/ TriCity – Wind Tech Challenge Winners/ International – Armed Peacekeeper Plan/ EU Rule Of Law Complications/ Business & Economy – Prices Up 10% YoY/ Sport – Świątek Makes Final, Miss World Crowned, War Could Change Poland and more…

National – Plans to “De-Russify” the economy announced – TVN

Over 2 million flee from Ukraine to Poland – notesfrompoland

Tusk proposes radical increase of NATO presence in Poland – TVP

Ukraine – EU to provide guarantees on Ukrainian’s savings – politico


Warsaw – Everything in this office is made in Poland – designmilk

Krakow – The City’s biggest employers – krakcast

Poznan – The latest weapon against illegal billboards – firstnews

LodzPoland’s most underrated City – emergingeurope

TriCity – Gdansk team wins wind energy tech challenge – ec.europa

International – Poland calls for armed peacekeepers to be deployed in Ukraine – kafkadesk

EU rule of law dispute maybe eased by war requirements – guardian

Business & Economy – Prices up 10% YoY in Q2 – wbj

Sport – Świątek makes Indian Wells Final – thenews

Odds & Ends – Karolina Bielawska crowned Miss World – CNN

Podcast – How will war affect Poland? – krakcast

Feature Article – The war could change Poland – CarnegieEurope

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