The Digest 27th March 2022

Presidential Pizza – Russian Spies And Embassy Fires/ Energy Embargo Support/President’s emergency landing/ Ukraine – Under One Roof/ Warsaw – President’s Visit Summarised/ Krakow – Hollywood Help/ Wroclaw – I See Nothing Review/ Poznan – Pyro Celebrations/ Lodz – Charity Concert/ TriCity – Media Freedom/ International – Pol-US Relations/ Pol-EU Relations/ Defecting Soldier Dead/ Business & Economy – Foreigners Dominate WSE/ Sport – Świątek #1, Presidential Pizza, Questions, The Complexities Of The Crisis and more…

National – Russian diplomats may be expelled as smoke seen rising from Embassy – firstnews

Poles support Russian energy embargo despite costs – TVP

President’s plane forced to make emergency landing – TVN (Video)

Ukraine – All under one roof – Ukrainians & spare rooms in Poland – Politico

Is Polish & Ukrainian mutually intelligible? – YouTube (Video)


Warsaw – U.S. President Biden’s Warsaw Visit – A summary – beautifulwarszawa

Krakow – Sean Penn charity team up with city – NotesFromPoland

WroclawI See Nothing theatre review – broadwayworld

Poznan – Pyro celebrations – sportsbible

Lodz – 7 year old Ukrainian opens charity concert – cbsnews

TriCity – Media Freedom Conference held –

International – Pol/US relations grow – DW

Will Poland’s growing international status help with EU relationship? – guardian

Polish soldier who sought asylum in Belarus found dead –

Business & Economy – Foreign investors dominate the WSE – wbj

Sport – Świątek secures No. 1 world tennis ranking – thenews

Odds & Ends – The Presidential Pizza –

Podcast – Questions – The KrakCast

Feature Article – The complexities of the Ukraine crisis – thenewyorker

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