The Digest 3rd April 2022

World Cup Draw – “Putin Would Like To Invade Poland, A Certainty”, State Media Spending, Road Deaths Reduce/ Ukraine – Why Are They Leaving Poland/ Warsaw – Uni Sex Scandal/ Krakow – A Rare Remembrance/ Wroclaw – Electric Buses/ Poznan – Zoo Help/ Lodz – Climate Conference/ TriCity – U.S. Gov. Candidate Support/ International – The Polish-Hungarian Axis/ Business & Economy – Sliding Economic Indicators/ Sport – Polish WC Draw, The Świątek Double, WC Qualification Reaction, The Invention OF Poland and more…

National – “A certainty that Putin would like to invade Poland” – Polish Dep. FM – Al Jazeera (Youtube)

Polish Govt. media spending – Who gets what and why – Notesfrompoland

Poland’s road death figures drop significantly – firstnews

Ukraine – Why are more Ukrainians going home from Poland? – euronews


Warsaw – Serious sex abuse allegations at Warsaw Uni – newsbreezer

Krakow – Rare state funeral held – slippedisc

Wroclaw – More electric buses ordered – sustainablebus

Poznan – Local zoo helps in exotic animal evacuation – dailysabah

Lodz – Local Govt. climate conference begins –

TriCity – U.S. Gov. candidate travels to help– CTInsider

International – Is the Poland/Hungary axis dead? –

Business & Economy – Economic indicator continues to slide – WBJ

Sport – Poland draws Argentina in WC Group – TVN

The Świątek double –

Odds & Ends – Polish fans react to WC qualification – euronews (Video)

Podcast – The invention of Poland – BBC ( Available 4/4)

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