The Digest 10th April 2022

Poland’s $ Billionaires – Smolensk Sirens, Schindlers “Little Girl In Red”/ Ukraine – Eur 10 Bln Raised, Roads Closed/ Warsaw – Mayor Requests Siren-Less City/ Krakow – LGBT Free County/ Wroclaw – Merc Batteries/ TriCity – Charity Soccer/ International – Kaczynski Slams Orban/ Business & Economy – 7 Polish Billionaires/ Sport – Legia v. Kiev Dynamo, F-35’s in Poland, Poland In A Colonial World Order, The Russian Genocide Handbook and more…

National – Sirens to commemorate Smolensk tragedy today – tvp

Schindlers List “girl in red dress” helping refugees – firstnews

Ukraine – Eur10 billion+ raised for Ukraine – euronews

EU bans transports from Belarus/Russia to enter bloc – hindustannews


Warsaw – Mayor asks for Smolensk siren to be silenced today – beautifulwarszawa

Krakow – County again launches claim to be “free of LGBT” – notesfrompoland

Wroclaw – New Merc Battery logistics plant announced – automotivelogistics

TriCity – Lechia Gdansk V. Shakhtar in Ukrainian fundraiser – reuters

International – Kaczynzki slams Orban’s Russian genocide position – politico

Business & Economy – 7 Polish $ Billionaires – TVN (Video)

Sport – Legia Warsaw v. Dynamo Kiev charity game to be held – thenews

Odds & Ends – How would the new F-35’s fit the Polish military? – aviationist

Podcast – Poland in a colonial world order – newsbooksinEEstudies

Feature ArticleRussia’s genocide handbook – Timothy Snyder

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