The Digest 1st May 2022

What Does Gas Shut off Mean? – Air Traffic Dispute Averted/ Insult Church – Get 3 Year Jail Proposal/ Ukraine – Zelensky’s World/ 200 Tanks/ Ukraine24 Expands/ Warsaw – Fortifying Democracy/ Krakow – Ryanair Invests $800m/ TriCity – French To Buy Lech Gdansk?/ Wroclaw – German Drug Store Arrives/ International – Slovakian Airspace/ Hungary & Poland Split (Further) / Business & Economy – Expensive Easter/ Housing Gap/ Sport –Świątek To Play Open, Polish Symphony Chart Topper, Polish Ryanair Effect, Russians/Belarusians Feel The Polish Cold Shoulder and more…

National – What does Russian gas shutoff mean? – Youtube/DW

Air traffic strike averted…for now – politico

Govt. party proposes 3 year jail term for insulting church – notesfrompoland

Ukraine – Inside Zelensky’s world – Time

Poland provides 200 tanks to Ukraine – defensenews

Ukraine24 News to open office in Warsaw – polskieradio


Warsaw – Fortifying democracy – Warsaw Mayor Interview (Video)

Krakow – Ryanair announces $800m investment in Krakow airport – aerotime

Tri-CityFrench group may buy Lech Gdansk – soccernews

Wroclaw – Germanys largest drugstore enters Polish market – firstnews

International – Poland to defend Slovak airspace – TVN (Video)

Poland/Hungary split over Russian gas – DW

Business & Economy – An expensive Easter –

Housing gap may double – wbj

Sport – Świątek to play Polish Open – thenews

Odds & Ends – How a Polish symphony hit the 90’s charts – guardian

Podcast – What did Ryanair do for Polish air travel? – krakcast

Feature Article – Russians & Belarusians feel the cold in Poland – Kafkadesk

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