The Digest 8th May 2022

Russia’s Polish Disinformation Campaign – Press Freedom Ranking Falls Further/ PM Interview/ Road Deaths Up/ Ukraine – “Ukraine will Win”/ War Rape Victims Meet Polish Law/ Warsaw – Jolie Visit/ Krakow – FilmFest Facilitates/ TriCity – Billboard Ban/ Wroclaw – FIM Speedway GP/ Lodz – Zoomania / International – Rule Of Law Opportunity/ Donor Conference/ Business & Economy – Inflation Timeline/ Rate Rises To Continue/ Sport – UKR Uefa Games In Poland, Mail Order Gun Smugglers, Czesław Miłosz, An Interrupted Country and more…

National – Russia’s disinformation campaign against Poland – thenews

Poland falls for 7th year in Press freedom charts – notesfrompoland

PM Interview on war, Russia and the EU – Euronews (Video)

May weekend road deaths up on last year – TVN (Video)

Ukraine – “Ukraine is going to win” – Hoover Institute (YouTube Video)

Ukrainian rape victims meet Polish abortion laws – Gzero


Warsaw – Angelina Jolie visits as UN Envoy – Kafkadesk

Krakow – FilmFest to host Docudays UA – cineuropa

Tri-City – Last billboards removed – notesfrompoland

Wroclaw – Olympic stadium to host FIMspeedway GP event – fimspeedway

LodzZoomania hits town – firstnews

International – The West’s opportunity to restore rule of law in Poland – FP

Warsaw donor conference raises $ 6.5 Bln for Ukraine – reuters

Business & Economy – Finance Chief says Inflation to last for years – FA

NBP Gov – “Interest rate raises will continue” –

Sport – Ukraine UEFA games to be played in Lodz – thenews

Odds & Ends – Mail order gun smugglers arrested – europol

Podcast – Czesław Miłosz – Faith in the flesh – newbooksinhistory

Feature Article – An interrupted country 1939 –

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