The Digest 12th June 2022

Monkeypox Swings Into Poland – First Monkeypox Case/ The Pregnancy Register/ Car Charging Deficit/ Ukraine- Those Who Stayed/ Patchy Support/ Warsaw – Sensational Stadium Plans/ Krakow – Monastery Park/ Wroclaw – Multimedia Fountain/ Tri-City – Live Fire Drills/ Poznan – VW Heating/ International – MEP’s Unhappy With Polish Deal/ Russia To Respond To NATO Buildup/ Business & Economy – Rate Hike (Again)/Housing Pressure/ Sport – Nations League, Old Lady Celebrations, The Recovery Funds Dispute, Polish Slang and more…

National – First monkeypox case found – firstnews

Why is Govt. creating a “pregnancy register”? – kafkadesk

Poland’s low car charging infrastructure highlighted – DW

Ukraine – Those who stayed – gazeta wyborcza

Patchy support for Ukrainians in Poland – balkaninsight


Warsaw – Iconic stadium refurbishment planned – firstnews

Krakow – Church park deal – notesfrompoland

Wroclaw – The multimedia fountain –

Tri-City – Live fire drills held on Baltic – tvn

Poznan – VW foundry to heat 4,500 apartments – themayor

International – MEP’s unhappy with Poland recovery fund decision – euobserver

Russia will respond to NATO buildup – reuters

Business & Economy – Interest rates up a further 0.75% –

Housing market under pressure – euronews

Sport – After Belgium 6-1 loss, a draw with Holland – tvpworld (Video)

Odds & Ends – Birthday celebrations for oldest Pole – tvn

Podcast – Poland’s EU recovery fund dispute – EUconfidential

Feature Article – A glossary of Polish slang –

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