The Digest 19th June 2022

The Cider Revolution – Abortion Pills Prison Threat/ Judiciary Law Changes/ Ukraine- Legal Aid Launched/ Warsaw – McDonalds at 30/ Having A LARP/ Krakow – Auschwitz Trips Cancelled/ UK Photo Expo Opens/ Wroclaw – Canine Stress/ Tri-City – EuroSkills 2023/ Lodz – Ryanair Routes/ Rzeszow – Ben Stiller Visit/ International – Recovery Fund Approved/ The EU’s Future/ Business & Economy – Longer Rate Hike Cycle/ EIB Credit Line/ Sport – The Rise Of Iga, Demolish Russian Structures For Free, !0 Nuns Beatified, Ugly Streets, Best Uni’s For Foreigners and more…

National – The Polish cider revolution – firstnews

Prison threat for sending abortion pills by mail – vice

Poland changes Judiciary Disciplinary law, demands EU funds release – AlJazeera

Ukraine – NGO launches legal aid for Ukrainians – ivoox


Warsaw – McDonalds celebrates 30 years since first opening in city – TVN (Video)

The Polish LARPer’s who pretend to be American – vice

Krakow – Israel cancels Auschwitz trips – timesofisrael

UK photography exhibition opens – polskieradio

Wroclaw – Dogs to relieve school stress – themayor

Tri-City – Gdansk to host Euroskills 2023 – feweek

LodzRyanair expand routes – routesonline

Rseszow – Ben Stiller visit – oopstop

International – EU approves Polish National recovery plan – consilium

The EU’s future lies in it’s east – politico

Business & Economy – Higher than expected inflation may extend rate hike cycle –

EIB extends Eur2 billion refugee assistance credit line – thenews

Sport – The rise of Iga! – notesfrompoland

Odds & Ends – Polish construction firm offers to demolish any Russian owned structure for free – twitter

10 nuns beatified – vaticannews

Podcast – Ugly streets and other stories – krakcast

Feature Article – Top colleges for foreign students – kafkadesk

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