The Digest 10th July 2022

Covid On The Rise (Again) – No To Euro/ Court Leak/ Yes To EU/ HBO Max Closure/ Ukraine – Infectious McDonalds/ Warsaw – Sexy Waffles/ Krakow – Spanish Restaurant Prize/ Wroclaw – Medieval Marvel/ Tri-City – Stadium Riot/ International – New Iron Curtain/ Polish Power/ Business & Economy – Inflation – The Name Of The Game/ Slowdown Signs/ Sport – Rugby 7’s Champs, Spy Game Studies, Museum Musings, Lawless Europe and more…

National – Covid infections ramp up – TVN (Video)

No Euro adoption during my tenure – NBP Chair – bloomberg

Constitutional court interference leak – wyborcza

Huge majority support EU membership – polandpostsen

HBO Max to close local content production – kafkadesk

Ukraine – Russian McDonalds – An infectious menu – tvpworld


Warsaw – Sexualised waffles stir unrest – notesfrompoland

Krakow – Restaurant wins rare Spanish authenticity prize – PAP

Wroclaw – A medieval marvel – natgeo

Tri-City – Lechia game stopped due to brawl – planetsport

International – Poland’s new iron curtain – CEPA

Poland’s rising power – neweasterneurope

Business & Economy – Inflation – the name of the game – politico

Sport – Rugby 7’s Poland champions – rugbyeurope

Odds & Ends – Spy game added to school curriculum – firstnews

Podcast – Warsaw museum – thedebrief

Feature Article – Lawless Europe – politico

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