The Digest 17th July 2022

Economy In Crisis – Population Decline/ Russian Disinformation ( Again)/ Ukraine – Polish Holidays/ Russian Students in Europe/ Warsaw – Homeless Youth/ Krakow – Investment Vow/ Wroclaw – Limp Cyclists/ Lodz – The Witch/ Tri-City – City Revealed/ International – Iraqi Water/ Rule Of Law/ Business & Economy – Salary Spiral/ Inflation Record/ Sport – Lewandowski Legacy, Bastille Day, Papa Smurf, Scorsese’s Selection and more…

National – Economy may be heading into stagflation (High inflation/Low growth) – bloomberg

Poland records 2nd largest population decline in EU (2021)– notesfrompoland

Russia’s disinformation campaign continues – washington post

Ukraine – How a holiday in Poland can help Ukraine – guardian

Russian students in Europe face discrimination – Politico


Warsaw – Homeless youth shelter opened – TVN (Video)

Krakow – Mayor vows to increase investment – euractiv

Wroclaw – Medical Uni. publishes erectile dysfunction cure for cyclists – perthnow

LodzThe witch of “Little Auschwitz” – firstnews

Tri-City – Gdansk revealed – jewishchronicle

International – Polish efforts to quench Iraqi thirst – kafkadesk

EU Rule of law issues continue – EUobserver

Business & Economy – Wage price spiral continues apace – Financial Times

Inflation to hit 18.8% in Q1 2023- NBP– Reuters

Sport – Lewandowski’s stunning Bundesliga career – DW

Odds & Ends – Polish troops included in Bastille Day parade – thenews

Podcast – The Papa Smurf edition – krakcast

Feature Article – Scorsese’s 21 classic Polish movies –

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