The Digest 14th August 2022

Training Far-right To Kill – Rewriting The Holocaust/ A Fishy Oder/ Ukraine – Dorm Evictions/ Buying Workers/ Warsaw – Casino Nights/ Krakow – Nature Reserve/ Wroclaw – Bishop Child Abuse Claim/ Poznan – US Army Base Renamed/ Lodz – A Must-See City/ Tri-City – Sheepish Lawnmowers/ International – PiS attacks EU (Again!)/ Business & Economy – Banks Lose Billions/ Avg. Salary/ Inflation Topper/ Sport – Silver Scored, Chopin Festival, Polish Holiday Plans, Polish Designs and more…

National – Why are Far-Right Nationalists being trained to shoot? – bellingcat

Leaked emails reveal Govt. rewrite of holocaust history –

A fishy Oder – DW (Video)

Ukraine – Refugees told to leave University accommodation – notesfrompoland

Poland spends billions to keep Ukrainian workers – bloomberg


Warsaw – Casino nights – kafkadesk

Krakow – New Nature reserve – firstnews

Wroclaw – Polish Bishop accused of child abuse – notesfrompoland

PoznanUS Army Camp to honour revolutionary –

Lodz – A Must-See City –

Tri-City – Sheepish Lawnmowers – fristnews

International – PiS turns its cannons on the EU – Politico

Business & Economy – Mortgage holiday costs banks zl. 45 billion – Bloomberg

Inflation hits 15.6% YoY – BNE

Avg. Q2 salary hits zl.6,156 –

Sport – Silver scored at Euro rowing championships – TVP

Odds & Ends – Chopin and his Euro Festival to open in Warsaw – pap

Podcast – Where do Poles go on holiday? – krakcast

Feature Article – A guide to Polish design –

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