The Digest 21st August 2022

Happiest (and Unhappiest) Cities in Poland – Foreigner Fees/ Octogenarian Arrested/ National Data Centre/ Ukraine – New Train Link/ Warsaw – Battle Re-enactment/ Krakow – Nations League Clash/ Wroclaw – American Film Festival/ Lodz – Jazz Kings/ Tri-City – Oldest Postcard/ International – The EU Oligarchy/ Business & Economy – Stagflation & Employment/ Remote Working Drop/ Sport – First Gold, New Servant of the People, Polski Daily, IVF & Education and more…

National – Happiest (and unhappiest) cities in Poland – firstnews 

Foreign registration fees increased – schenginvisainfo

Octogenarian nabbed with $500k of heroin – usnews

National Data Centre planned – datacentredynamics

Ukraine – New Warsaw- Ukraine border train link in August – schengenvisainfo


Warsaw – 1920 Battle re-enacted – thenews

Krakow – City to host Scotland v. Ukraine Nations League – BT

Wroclaw – American Film Festival in November – variety

Lodz – Jazz legends – jazzwise

Tri-City – Oldest postcard revealed – gamingdeputy

International – “EU being run like an Oligarchy” – PM – DW

Business & Economy – Stagflation and employment –

Remote working drops by 30% YoY –

Sport – First Gold in Euro Championships – britishpoles

Odds & Ends – Polish version of Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” announced – hollywoodreporter

Podcast – Polski Daily

Feature Article – How is IVF viewed in Polish education – notesfrompoland

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