The Digest 28th August 2022

How Political Propaganda Works in Poland – IVF Love/ LNG Terminal/ Soviet Monuments/ Ukraine – Plenty To Do/ Warsaw – Palace Plan/ Krakow – City Soars/ Wroclaw – Bionic Arm/ Lublin – Coal Queues/ Tri-City – Russian Weaponry/ International – “Walk Away From EU Funds”/ Slovak Protection/ EU Cheating/ Business & Economy – Struggling Salaries/ Consumer Sentiment/ Sport – Milik To Juve, Global Design, Molotov – Ribbentrop, Polish Sci-fi and more…

National – How political propaganda is created in Poland – wyborcza

Controversial IVF passage removed from school book – euronews

LNG terminal doubled – notesfrompoland

Soviet monuments demolished – abc.go

Ukraine – “Still plenty to do” – PUA – TVN (Video)


Warsaw – Pałac Saski Pln2 Bln. plan – beautifulwarszawa

Krakow – City soars into the light – irishnews

Wroclaw – Bionic arm breakthrough – firstnews

Lublin – Homeowners queuing for coal – reuters

Tri-City – Russian weaponry on display – radiopoland

International – “Poland should walk away from EU funds” – gazetawyborcza

Poland to protect Slovak airspace – dw

 EU accused of cheating – euobserver

Business & Economy – Struggling Salaries –

Consumer confidence collapsing – thenews

Sport – Milik signed to Juventus – 90miniutes

Odds & Ends – Local design studio , Global Award – firstnews

Podcast – Molotov – Ribbontrop pact – podtail

Feature Article – Origins of Polish Sci-fi –

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