The Digest 4 September 2022

Energy Crisis Shuttering Businesses – Memorial Demolitions/ Teacher Shortages Ukraine – 6Mio in 6 Months/ Warsaw – Pedal Power/ Krakow – New Tram Link/ Wroclaw – Bad Odra/ Lodz – Bike Shortages/ Tri-City – New Launch/ International – 1.3 Trillion Demand/ Business & Economy – WIBOR Replaced/ Inflation Hits 16.1%/ Sport – Volleyball Powerhouse, Vampire Grave, Popular Podcasts, 1939, September and more…

National – Energy costs shuttering businesses everywhere – TVP (Video)

Soviet memorial demolitions continue – rferl

Teacher shortages cause concern – voanews

Ukraine – Ukrainian arrivals to Poland reaches 6mio in 6 months – ukrinform


Warsaw – Pedal power of Outdoor Cinema – reuters

Krakow – Tram extension opens up southern connection – railwaygazette

Wroclaw – Keep your dogs out of the Odra –

Lodz – Only 1% of street bikes available – notesfrompoland

Tri-City – New mega-ship launched – allaboutshipping

International – Poland’s €1.3 trillion demand – Politico

Business & Economy –  WIRD to replace WIBOR as Interest rate benchmark – poland.postsen

Inflation hits 16.1% – polskieradio

Sport – How Poland became a volleyball powerhouse – notesfrompoland

Odds & Ends – Vampire grave discovered – heritagedaily

Podcast – Most popular podcast categories in Poland – Statista

Feature Article – 1939 – Two Septembers –

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