The Digest 11 September 2022

3 Doctors Charged In Pregnant Patients Death – Kaczyński’s Gay Defamation Case/ PiS’s Anti-EU Election Gambit/ Arming Poland To The Teeth/ Ukraine – Russian Visa’s/ Warsaw – Masterpieces/ Krakow – Best Value Venue/ Katowice – LGBTQ Parade/ Kielce – Martian Challenge/ Tri-City – Trusted Shoppers/ International – Hugging Orban/ Royal Tributes/ Ministry of Memory/ Business & Economy – Rate Hikes to Slow/ Nuclear Options/ Sport – Another Iga First, Exiles Karma, Ukrainian Culture Hub, Presidential Assassin and more…

National – 3 doctors charged over death of pregnant patient – ABC News

Kaczyński sues in gay/blackmail defamation case – apnews

PiS relying on Anti-EU stance for political gain – Guardian

Poland needs to be ” armed to the teeth” –

Ukraine – Poland joins Baltics to limit Russian visa access – reuters


Warsaw – Five masterpieces come to town – polskiradio

Krakow – City scores high in Euro value destination –

KatowiceLGBTQ parades peacefully – gaytimes

KielceThe Martian Challenge – TVP

Tri-City – A trusted shopping experience – themayor

International – Renewing the Hungarian partnership – wyyborcza

Tributes to UK Queen arrive from Poland – firstnews

Poland’s Ministry of Memory – TIME

Business & Economy – Rate hikes to slow or stop – reuters

Poland looks beyond U.S. for nuclear power options – bloomberg

Sport – Iga crowns another 1st at U.S. Open – BBCsports

Odds & Ends – Exiles seeking Karma – euronews

Podcast – Krakow’s Ukrainian culture hub -firstnews

Feature Article – The Polish Presidential assassin – kafkadesk

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