The Digest 2nd October 2022

Polish Leader of Ukraine Foreign Legion Under Investigation – Energy Cap Discussion – New Pipeline/ Ukraine – Deserters Denied – Ukrainians Boost Economy/ Warsaw – New Metro Stops/ Krakow – Arnie in Auschwitz – Architect Award/ Katowice – KLM Flights/ Lodz – Governments Cultural Policy/ International – German Relations – Digital Lifestyle – Sue EU/ Business & Economy – Inflation Up – Getin Bank Fine/ Sport – Everest Air, Polish Cakes, Warsaw Art, Before the Pilgrims and more…

National – Polish leader of Ukraine foreign legion under investigation – KievIndependent

Poland’s energy cap discussion – TVN (Video)

Norway-Poland gas pipeline opened – euronews

Ukraine – Legislators deny Russian deserters access to Poland – polskieradio

How Ukrainians benefit the economy – voa


Warsaw – 3 new Metro stations opened – beautifulwarszawa

Krakow – Arnie visits Auschwitz – DW

Architecture firm wins big at Euro Property awards – firstnews

Katowice – KLM launches new routes – aviation24

Lodz – How local museum epitomises Govt. cultural policy – notesfrompoland

International – German relationship under water –

Where is Poland on European digital quality of life? –

Poland to sue EU over recovery fund cuts – euractiv

Business & Economy – Inflation hits 17.2% –

Getin founder fined zl. 20mio – notesfrompoland

Sport – Climbing Everest without oxygen – TVP (Video)

Odds & Ends – Polish Cakes among the best in the world – thenews

Podcast – Warsaw Art – TheDebrief

Feature Article – The Fist Polish settlers in America – Kafkadesk

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