With approximately 2 million foreigners in Poland, many unable to speak Polish and using English as a working language, you need to make your business known to this audience.

How We Can Help Grow Your Business

Real Estate Services

We can provide you with the content for a personalised monthly/quarterly article in English. You can use this to email past customers, post to your company site blog and share on social media. It will also allow you to further promote particular properties, and your English speaking agents, into a new audience.

The newsletter can contain property specific information from your city, including details of property price levels, currency news (always important to foreigners) and commentary on future trends. More importantly, it will show that you can do business in English with this growing community.

In addition, we can also create researched bespoke articles (i.e. “Why using an agent to help you buy can actually save you money”) if required and once off enhanced English language versions of your website.

To reduce the cost to you, we can also add a sponsor to your post, making it a win-win for everybody.

About the writer

A native English speaker who has owned and managed a real estate agency in Krakow for almost ten years. Contact us now for a conversation: team@digestpoland.com

Investment & Insurance Services

Since CNBC lit up Poland on their daily roundup map some years ago, the Warsaw Stock Market has been going from strength to strength. More and more foreigners want to invest and others just want to establish pensions and life assurance policies.

The problem is many don’t know how, or indeed who, to speak to. It’s not easy to find reliable and consistent news about the Polish economy, stock market developments or currency moves in English. We can provide you with the type of content that attracts new clients to your business.

Through English language monthly newsletters, bespoke articles or website enhancement we can help you to grow your business and stand out.

About the writer

With almost 20 years in the Financial industry, much of it as a Treasury Dealer in London, New York and Dublin, understanding complicated financial topics and explaining them in simple terms comes naturally. As an investor in Poland inc., and a published economic commentator for many years, their experience is both local and global.

Contact us now for a conversation: team@digestpoland.com